Transdermal Magnesium Chloride – Trial results

Here are some more real results experienced with Transdermal Magnesium for Horses, documented by Liz Inder in Qld. Thank you to Liz for letting us quote this data.

The trial of Transdermal MgCl was carried out on two horses and looked at the areas of:
1. Muscle Texture
2. Movement
3. Temperament
4. Energy
Although the horses were very different, in all categories there were noticeable changes

Liz added the final comment:
“In addition to participating in the transdermal application trial, I have commenced
supplementation of all my horses’ diets with magnesium chloride. The benefits to my
horses’ health have been obvious and significant including:-
· Improved hoof health and substantial reduction in seedy toe and white line disease;
· Vast improvements to an aged gelding with very poor coat and body condition and
arthritic degeneration – increased mobility, new coat growth and increased weight;
· Significant improvement in temperament in my warmblood, Felix, referred to above who
previously was extremely flighty, had tendency to shy, buck and being very nervous in his
general disposition;
· All horses are displaying calm temperaments, increased balanced energy levels,
improved hoof condition and coats, and general overall health improvements.

For the full trial report, see Horse Trial of Transdermal Application of MgCl

2 thoughts on “Transdermal Magnesium Chloride – Trial results

  1. Suggested Procedure:

    1. Wash the horse to remove oils and dirt that may reduce absorption of the MgCl solution through the skin.

    2. Rinse with warm water to open pores in the skin

    3. Apply the warm MgCl solution to the neck, back, rump and hamstring muscles using a small sponge, as indicated in yellow on the diagram below. It may be preferable to avoid the saddle area if the horse is in ridden work.

    4. Massage the solution into the skin gently.

    5. Cover the horse with a light rug to prevent the solution from drying too quickly, and to keep the skin warm.

    6. Leave horse tied to stand quietly for 30 minutes, to prevent rolling.

    7. Rinse the solution off the skin to prevent any possible irritation.

    I will post an image of a horse to ‘Photos’ on this site to indicate area for coverage using this system…


    • A 30% solution can be made by dissolving 300g of MgCl flakes in 1 lt of hot water. Any remaining liquid can be reheated in a saucepan or microwave for the next day’s application.

    • If no skin irritation occurs, a stronger solution could be tried, up to 60%

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