Magnesium Muscle Recovery for Horses

Horse Muscle Relaxation and Recovery
(see horse trial by Liz Inder for results – )

Suggested Procedure:

1.    Wash the horse to remove oils and dirt that may reduce absorption of the MgCl solution through the skin. (See below where to get them).

2.    Rinse with warm water to open pores in the skin

3.    Apply the warm MgCl solution to the neck, back, rump and hamstring muscles using a small sponge, as indicated in yellow on the diagram below.  It may be preferable to avoid the saddle area if the horse is in ridden work.

4.    Massage the solution into the skin gently.

5.    Cover the horse with a light rug to prevent the solution from drying too quickly, and to keep the skin warm.

6.     Leave horse tied to stand quietly for 30 minutes, to prevent rolling.

7.     Rinse the solution off the skin to prevent any possible irritation.


•      A 30% solution can be made by dissolving 300g of MgCl flakes in 1 lt of hot water.   Any remaining liquid can be reheated in a saucepan or microwave for the next day’s application.

•      If no skin irritation occurs, a stronger solution could be tried, up to 60%






Magnesium Chloride salts used in this trial are Elektra Magnesium (food grade). 
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Next Horse Clinic Workshop – 2 February 2014 – Gravel Proof Hoof

Topic: Gravel Proof Hoof – Connection between hoof function and diet
Speakers: Pauline Moore & Deb Benstead
Date: Sunday 2nd February 2014
Time: 8.30 am till about 3.30 pm
Where: 162 Milford Middle Road Boonah Queensland

Morning tea and afternoon tea provided. Please let me know if you are attending by Sunday 23 January on 0419 023 146 or email

Note we are limited to numbers so first in wins the prize….For those who have already attended please feel free to attend again as there is lots of information to absorb…You can bring a friend. Just remember to give me numbers of how many are coming. We are limited to about 30 people.

We will have some horses to look at on the day as well.

Look forward to seeing you

Regards, Deb
0419 023146

See more information at:

‘Hoofspa’ for Horses

Transdermal Magnesium Absorption for Horses 

Who said horses can’t absorb via the skin?  Of course they can.  Apart from the study performed by race horse owner Liz Inder (available for download from, where it was demonstrated that horses can have a substantial muscle recovery from application of a magnesium soaked bandage, Beatrix Bergman has also shared a great technique to give horses a foot, I mean ‘hoofsoak’…

No more struggling with buckets and cranky horses for those that have tried.  Thank you Beatrix.

Technique:  Just find some used tyre tubes and chop up as per photographs following…  Wrap around the hoofs and secure with a strap… Then add the magnesium solution and other supplements as required (eg. bi carb soda solution or vinegar or food grade hydrogen peroxide if treating parasites and fungus)..

TyreTubes WrapAround














Strap PourSolution

Hopper’s Story

Hopper’s Story
Hopper Hopper2 Hopper3

The improvements to the structure and function of Hopper’s feet between 2003 and 2012 have been achieved entirely by diet. There was no change to trimming technique during that period.   The most significant changes occurred from late 2009 onwards at a time when exercise was limited to permanent pasture turnout and very light groundwork.

Supplementation with magnesium, chromium, unrefined sea salt and sodium bicarbonate, plus reduction of dietary elements such as calcium that may inhibit magnesium uptake in the horse, has improved the structure of Hopper’s feet and relaxed his body posture. There is no restriction to 24-hr grazing, and little exercise beyond free-choice whilst grazing, yet Hopper is able to maintain these improvements.

Hopper has been consistently quiet and calm, with no spookiness or aggression, since his diet was changed late in 2009.

Hopper’s problems did not originate in his feet;  it is thought that Hopper’s short stride was primarily caused by the severe bracing throughout his body resulting from long-term magnesium deficiency.  The fast response to sodium bicarbonate being added to his diet indicates the significant P3 bone loss was not the cause of his short step length and toe-first landing.

At the age of 13 he became the sound, happy horse he should have been as a 3-yr old.

Diet:  oaten chaff, copra, 60g magnesium chloride, 5g chromium yeast, 60g unrefined sea salt, 20g sodium bicarbonate,   unlimited Rhodes pasture, drinking water neutralized by sodium bicarbonate.

Full story available at: Link:!hopper/c1fe

Launch of the Equine Wellness Association Inc.

Healthy HorseThe EWA is here!!

The Equine Wellness Association Inc. has been formed to ‘officialise’ this blog,

So come and join us –

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The objectives of the association are:

  • To operate as a Not For Profit organisation
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  • To publicise the results of research into horse health to members
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… and also to allow members to share benefits

How to join:
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Member Offers:

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How much Magnesium? – Watch the Weather

You might notice that your horse’s need for MgCl varies. Typically, warm-season C4 grasses such as kikuyu, paspalum, panic, buffel, etc are less active in winter so horses grazing those pastures generally need less magnesium through a cool, sunny winter. However in Queensland we have recently experienced unseasonal rain which has resulted in sprouting grass. Just be careful – the unusually long periods of cloudy weather also mean that high levels of potassium could be accumulating in the grass …… and this in turn blocks magnesium absorption by the horse. Some people have had to go back to summer levels of MgCl to maintain their horses’ progress

Has anyone else found this?
(Posted by Pauline and Lynn)

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride – Trial results

Here are some more real results experienced with Transdermal Magnesium for Horses, documented by Liz Inder in Qld. Thank you to Liz for letting us quote this data.

The trial of Transdermal MgCl was carried out on two horses and looked at the areas of:
1. Muscle Texture
2. Movement
3. Temperament
4. Energy
Although the horses were very different, in all categories there were noticeable changes

Liz added the final comment:
“In addition to participating in the transdermal application trial, I have commenced
supplementation of all my horses’ diets with magnesium chloride. The benefits to my
horses’ health have been obvious and significant including:-
· Improved hoof health and substantial reduction in seedy toe and white line disease;
· Vast improvements to an aged gelding with very poor coat and body condition and
arthritic degeneration – increased mobility, new coat growth and increased weight;
· Significant improvement in temperament in my warmblood, Felix, referred to above who
previously was extremely flighty, had tendency to shy, buck and being very nervous in his
general disposition;
· All horses are displaying calm temperaments, increased balanced energy levels,
improved hoof condition and coats, and general overall health improvements.

For the full trial report, see Horse Trial of Transdermal Application of MgCl

Thermographic Musings

When I came to infrared imaging, a dozen or so years ago, I came from a background of equine Bowen (EMRT). My knowledge of the function of the hoof was pitiful. As a kid out west our horses were unshod (and never lame) but from my late teens onwards, here and overseas, horses were shod. This was gospel and like most of us, I believed. It is well documented that thermography is excellent for identifying hoof abscesses and also very useful for hoof balance but all the work when I started, had been done with shod horses. It was several years before I started to realise how else the technology could be used.

It was not until Shahzada 2006 when I met Rob, Carol, Duncan, Lou McCormack et al that I started to look at the heat patterns in shod vs unshod feet and from there met Andrew, Nicky, Chrisann and Mike and the whole Yarck experience started.

To me probably the greatest strength of it is that you see the overall thermal balance and patterns of the animal. You get the complete picture from the tips of the ears to the soles of the feet.

by Jean Koek. Read full article at

Acidic Water

Rain (tank) water is naturally acidic. Minerals can be added to alkalise the water. Calcium salts are commonly added to alkalise water, but in cases where horses are ingesting an oversupply of calcium from feed, a good alternative is magnesium chloride salts (magnesium chloride hexahydrate). This should bring the water back to pH neutral (7). In severe cases of acidosis practitioners may opt to give a higher alkaline water temporarily until levels stabilise. This may be done by supplementing the water with bicarbonate of soda. For dilution rates please refer to your horse therapist as each case is different.

32 Y/O Stock Horse

FYI I have a 32 y/o stock horse at home who has gone from hobbling around and being on what we thought were his last legs to now cantering all over the place and growing a completely new coat after 6 months on the magnesium and that was the only change made so that speaks volumes about its benefits!

Thanks again,