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We are a group of Australian horse owners with a focus on natural health lifestyle protocols to maintain healthy happy horses. It may be warranted in acute situations to resort to drug remedies, however those issues are not in the scope of this discussion group. We are interested in sharing knowledge and experience about natural health strategies in a holistic approach to horse health.

We have found that a crucial and fundamental element to promote good health is the mineral electrolyte magnesium. Most places in Australia have grasses deficient in magnesium, but high in sugars and oxalates. Calcium imbalances occur as a result, leading to health problems from irritability and bad temperament to laminitis, muscle and bone disorders. Electrolyte and pH balancing is the goal. When the right nutrients are supplied in the right environmental conditions (because stress is a major cause of magnesium loss), nature takes its course to express life and good health.

Not all magnesium compounds are the same. The commonly available Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) is expelled too quickly, and magnesium oxide, another common food supplement, is very poorly absorbed in the first place. Magnesium chloride from naturally evaporated sea water has proven to be the best kind of magnesium salt supplement, containing also vital sea trace minerals in the magnesium chloride mix. These dehydrated sea salts are called Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (chemical name MgCl2.6H20). It is very bio-available and horses seem to like its taste when mixed as a solution with their feed.

Please take the time to download and read this 3 page article written by horse therapist Pauline Moore called ‘Magnesium for Horses’. MagnesiumForHorses.

Our preferred magnesium chloride flakes are the Elektra Magnesium brand at www.elektralife.com … sourced from salt water 3,200m above sea level. They have been locally tested and show no mercury nor lead contamination. They are food grade salts with elemental Mg content 15.5%.

You can order a 1kg or 4kg container online, or email enquiry to: magnesium@elektralife.com The price is very good for the 25kg bulk bags (not online). We have organised buying groups to share larger consignment orders. If you are interested in knowing more please email Lynn at ljlamethyst@gmail.com or Jean at jeankoek@hotmail.com

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Magnesium Muscle Recovery for Horses

Horse Muscle Relaxation and Recovery
(see horse trial by Liz Inder for results – http://magnesium4horses.com/?p=47#comment-6 )

Suggested Procedure:

1.    Wash the horse to remove oils and dirt that may reduce absorption of the MgCl solution through the skin. (See below where to get them).

2.    Rinse with warm water to open pores in the skin

3.    Apply the warm MgCl solution to the neck, back, rump and hamstring muscles using a small sponge, as indicated in yellow on the diagram below.  It may be preferable to avoid the saddle area if the horse is in ridden work.

4.    Massage the solution into the skin gently.

5.    Cover the horse with a light rug to prevent the solution from drying too quickly, and to keep the skin warm.

6.     Leave horse tied to stand quietly for 30 minutes, to prevent rolling.

7.     Rinse the solution off the skin to prevent any possible irritation.


•      A 30% solution can be made by dissolving 300g of MgCl flakes in 1 lt of hot water.   Any remaining liquid can be reheated in a saucepan or microwave for the next day’s application.

•      If no skin irritation occurs, a stronger solution could be tried, up to 60%






Magnesium Chloride salts used in this trial are Elektra Magnesium (food grade).  www.elektralife.com.au 
For enquiries about bulk wholesale purchase email magnesium@elektralife.com.au

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